Seenen Information Technology
Seenen Information Technology

Who We Are

Seenen Information Technologies is one of the leading regional IT distributors/Sum Distributors  in the Middle East & GCC region. We are a professionally equipped and highly managed company based in the heart of Dubai having business alliances in various parts of the world. As a Certified Partner from almost all the world class brands, Seenen Information Technologies is one of the leading hardware sub-distributors in the Middle East

Seenen is an authorized distributor/ sub distributor / Preferred Partner  of well-known brands such as HP, Lenovo , Dell , acer , Gigabyte , Asus , Cisco , Netgear , ADATA , APC , Infocus , Creative , Netgear and other brands

 Over the years we have developed solid relationships with the top vendors  around the world, and Seenen has become successful in building the trust of its customers by competitive pricing, unremitting inventory availability, ample marketing channel activities and exceptional logistics services

We focus on delivering knowledge enriched solutions by leveraging the rich expertise of our people and by employing innovative quality processes to enable our customers with real solution

Our aim is to constantly meet or exceed expectations of our customers by actively pursuing goals aimed at achieving excellence in all our operations. The ability to constantly predict, monitor and ultimately deliver quality solutions is Seenen way of doing business


SEENEN Believes in

ü Customer: Providing quality products and solutions to satisfy our customer's needs.

ü Staff: Developing a competent workforce and maintaining a harmonious environment.

ü Organization: Keeping pace with technology development and process improvement for service enhancement.

ü Principals: Maintaining a network of loyal partners enjoying mutual responsibility for sustainable growth year after year.